Day trip

Wandering in Edinburgh in less than a day (part 2)

Continuing the journey in Edinburg, just outside the Castle you will find the Old Town, an area that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the many Reformation-era buildings and the medieval street plan. There are lots of notable museums and buildings that deserve your attention if you have the time. These include St. Giles’ Cathedral (main worship point of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh), the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland, the National Museum of Scotland, the Old College of the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Parliament Building. If you only have a day in Edinburgh, you can still stroll along the streets in order to admire the beautiful architecture and enjoy the sounds of the city.

Down the hill from Edinburgh Castle, there is a beautiful park called Princes Street Gardens where the National Gallery of Scotland is located. The building has a neoclassical architecture and it houses collections of Scottish and international fine art from the beginning of the Renaissance up to the start of the 20th century. Next to the National Gallery of Scotland, overviewing the Princess Street Gardens, you can snap stunning pictures and enjoy a relaxing moment. Also, along the parkway, you can find handmade jewellery, souvenirs and many other handicraft objects.

For amazing views of the city, Holyrood Park is the one to go to. Just minutes walk from the city center down the High Street towards Scottish Parliament Building, Holyrood Park is a windswept, hilly public park with natural landscape and volcanic cliff faces. According to the Edinburgh Guide, “there is evidence of human settlements going back some 10,000 years including cultivation terraces, rig and furrows believed to have been made by medieval farmers, and quarries used in the 18th century in the construction of Edinburgh’s buildings.”

Calton Hill is a place that I didn`t have a chance to go but is a must.  It is one of Edinburgh’s main hills with an unmistakable unfinished Athenian acropolis poking above the skyline dating from 1822.

Where to eat in Edinburgh?

You can choose from street food markets to try traditional dishes where you can also buy authentic products such as jams and cheese.

Hard Rock Café where you can enjoy a nice meal while listening to good music

Try the traditional desert called Cranachan at Cranachan & Crowdie. This is a dish based on raspberries, cream, oats and whisky.edinburgh-1edinburgh-2edinburgh-3edinburgh-4edinburgh-5edinburgh-6edinburgh-7edinburgh-8edinburgh-9edinburgh-10edinburgh-11edinburgh-12edinburgh-13edinburgh-14edinburgh-15edinburgh-16edinburgh-17


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